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Vitamin2 AG,


Water as the essential element of a Corporate Identity.

Appenzeller Heilbad is a spa center located in Heiden, on a hilly landscape near the Bodensee. The pool water is naturally rich in minerals and trace elements and is the core element of the offered skin and relax treatments and activities such as Aqua gymnastics or Aquafit.

With the recent renovation, Appenzeller Heilbad has been modernized, is now more spacious and attractive. A pitch was set up with selected agencies in their area to renovate their CI and communicate the company’s to its audience.

Vitamin2 AG took part on this pitch and I was in charge to make one proposal. Being water the essence of the company, we used it as the main element to develop the CI around it. The main goal was to portrait its pureness, movement and simplicity.




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